Project Life USA

The Project Life Club Boca High began with a single student!  


After spending five weeks on the mission field in the Roma villages of Croatia in 2013, Matt Lewis’ life was changed.  His vision was to create awareness for students, teachers and his community for these hurting, forgotten children…but how?The first official act of the Boca High Project Life Club was to sponsor a Roma child.  This small start provided a child with food, clothing, education, love and hope for the future.  This was the beginning of their movement to “Catch the Vision – Change a Life:  the heart cry of those who participate in the Club.

Next, eighteen students from Boca High School traveled to Croatia in the summer of 2014 to run a camp for Roma Gypsy Children.  Each year more students join us, many return because their hearts and passion for the children continues to grow.


 After working with these impoverished, forgotten children the students return to the US  empowered to actually do something to make a difference, not just for this generation but for next and the next!

They aim to bring hope, help and opportunity for every child and to build a Life Learning Community Center to teach, tutor, counsel and help countless Gypsy children.  The Learning Center Project is “Our Big Phat Awesome Gypsy Project” and is the focus of our efforts to bring lasting change.


  •  To share the love of God locally and globally                                                                                                                      

  •  To demonstrate Christian morals by living out our faith: “When they see us, do they see Him?”

  •  To sponsor two Roma children to provide them with the essential of daily living

  •  To send teams of young adults to Croatia to inspire servant leadership

  •  To make a lasting impact by building a Learning Center for the children of the Roma villages

Project Life International is a mission of GOSPEL ON THE GO MINISTRIES, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

International Office - USA
21218 St. Andrews Blvd. #211

Boca Raton, FL 33433  USA

Phone 1-561-866-0056


Necujamska 6 10000
Zagreb, Croatia
Phone +385-1-3872075