Project Life Croatia

Project Life’s mission is to help provide for children while rebuilding their self-esteem and self-worth. 


The ministry is solely dedicated to influencing a child’s life and well-being spiritually, educationally, emotionally and physically.

It is the goal of Project Life to develop a first-class model for the children in orphanages, local communities and the impoverished Romi Villages.Project Life evolved out of a desperate need to help the many children who lost their parents and extended family during the war between Croatia and Serbia. Official figures on the wartime damage specify 180,000 destroyed housing units, 25% of the Croatian economy destroyed, and $37 billion of material damage. The vision has expanded to include the local children in the surrounding communities and the children of the many poverty-stricken Romi villages.

We have a fourfold mission, to:

  • Proclaim the Gospel and encourage spiritual growth

  • Protect emotionally by providing a safe and nurturing environment

  • Promote a sound and productive education

  • Provide the best care to help with any physical needs



Project Life ministers to children in the local communities, foster care homes/orphanages, and the impoverished Romi villages.  Many of these children have had to endure abuse or abandonment. When these are a child’s formative experiences, he or she often grows fearful, silent, and withdrawn. It should be no surprise that some of these children have forgotten how to laugh and play. After all, they know how quickly the world can change—that their loved ones, even their homes, might not be there tomorrow.


We have been helping children like these in Croatia since 2008. And in the time they have spent with the many children, they have seen miracles. Many of these children have begun to lose their fear and open up their hearts. It’s almost like watching someone come back to life as they begin to trust, to hope—to become children once more.

Jasmina is one of these children. When Project Life coordinators first met her at the age of 4 years old, she was thin, withdrawn and unable to speak. Not even knowing exactly what type of abuse she endured, she was lavished with love, hugs and kisses. She learned about how God loves her and watches over her. Now she is an 8 year old rambunctious little girl who can’t stop talking and plays with all the other children.

Despair is a hard thing to look at, especially in the face of a child.


Please breathe life into a child through donating to Project Life.


Your generosity can help a child like Jasmina know that she matters and that God has a plan for her life.